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WBCR is a free-form, non-commercial, student-run radio station at Brooklyn College, Whitehead Hall, room 306A.

Listen to WBCR Live:

WBCR is a student-run radio station at Brooklyn College.

Run in Whitehead Hall, Room 306A, our three studios produce everything from talk shows, podcasts, news, and even more.


Check out our YouTube channel to see old streams and shows we have produced.

Member of the club? Join our official Discord!

WBCR Open Hours

Learn more about WBCR, meet our team, see the studios, and more!

Whitehead Hall Room 306A
Monday: 2:30-4:40 PM
Tuesday: 12:15-3:30 PM
Wednesday: 2:40-3:30 PM
Thursday: 12:15-2:30 PM



Founded in 2004, WBCR has supported many student projects.

Currently, we have The Get Back, Tea Takes Radio, and Scene Stealers,
with more shows coming soon!